Timeline & Process
  1. To obtain a Water Conservation Certificate, a Title 19: Retrofit Verification Table must be submitted to the Department of Planning and Building, including a Title 19: Retrofit Form for each retrofitted property. All sections must be filled out correctly for the Water Conservation Certificate to be issued;

  2. For each property generating credits through toilet and showerhead retrofits, a Title 19: Retrofit Form (SECTION II) must be submit and include the following:

    • Part 1: Sending Site

    • Part 2: Retrofit Information

    • Part 3: Retrofit Details

  3. All Title 19: Retrofit Forms must be submitted with photos of the old and newly installed fixtures in order to be valid for the Retrofit-to-Build Program.

  4. For each property generating credits through washer retrofits, a Title 19: Washer Retrofit Verification Form (Section III) must be submitted with the Title 19: Retrofit Verification Table. Directions and the application for washer retrofits are located on pages 6-7.

  5.    Email completed forms to waterprograms@co.slo.ca.us.

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