Timeline & Process 
  1. Prior to transfer of title, a Title 8: Retrofit Verification Form must be submitted to the Department of Planning and Building. All sections must be filled out correctly for the retrofit certificate to be issued;

  2. Submit Parts 1 and 2 of the Retrofit Verification Form;

  3. Circle whether a faucet aerator is present on each of the sinks and the respective flow rate. If a faucet aerator is not present or over 1gpm, replace and state the new flow rate.

  4. If a property contains more than 2 bathrooms, a second Retrofit Verification Form must be submitted with the flow rates of the fixtures for each additional bathroom.

  5. The Title 8: Retrofit Verification Form must be completed and signed by either a licensed plumber or a licensed home inspector.

  6. The form must be submitted to: waterprograms@co.slo.ca.us.

  7. The department will approve the information and provide the Seller or Agent, via email, with a Title 8: Retrofit Certificate.

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