All new urban and rural development within the PRGWB is required to offset new water use at a minimum 1:1 ratio through the purchase of water offset credits prior to construction permit issuance.  New structures may include but are not limited to single family dwellings, mobile homes, secondary units, guest houses, commercial buildings, and pools.  Offsets are not required for additions, replacement dwellings, and expansions of existing structures.  


If the property contains a domestic well, a water meter must be installed and a well meter inspection must be conducted. Property owners are required to keep records of monthly water usage, to be viewed by County staff only if the property is subject to a code enforcement case.

For more information on policies and fees related to new construction within the PRGWB, please choose one of the following: 

Groundwater Sustainability Plan

At this time, the Paso Robles Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan exempts residential water use of up to 2 acre-feet per year (2 AFY) per property from management actions such as pumping fees and pumping reductions.

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New Construction

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