Agricultural Offset On-Site

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An on-site offset clearance involves crop conversion on a single site with a single property owner.  A property owner may choose to apply for an on-site offset clearance when they are currently growing one crop but wish to switch to a different crop.  In some cases, the new crop might be able to cover more or less area while still maintaining the same projected water use.  Below is a brief list of requirements of on-site agriculture offsets, otherwise, Ordinance 3308 provides a complete guide for requirements of on-site agriculture offsets.

For more information on policies and fees related to new agriculture offset on-site that apply in the PRGWB, please choose one of the following:


  • Evidence of existing crop irrigated within the five years preceding the application date must be provided.

  • Crops irrigated within the last five years must have been in compliance with the Agricultural Offset Ordinance.

  • New crop production must be on the same site of the crop being replaced.

  • New crop production cannot exceed water demand of previous crop(s).

  • New crop production may exceed acreage of previous crop.

  • Existing and proposed commodities of crop production must be declared.

  • Recorded disclosure form required.

  • Site inspections required.