Agriculture Offset Off-Site

As of December 5, 2019, Off-Site Offsets are no longer allowed.


An off-site offset clearance involves two separate sites within the PRGWB.  A property owner who wants to plant new irrigated agriculture on land that is currently unplanted or expand irrigated agriculture beyond what is currently planted must apply for an off-site offset clearance with another property owner within the PRGWB.  For an off-site offset clearance to be approved, one of the participating property owners must agree to either remove an existing crop or convert to a lower water using crop.

For more information on policies and fees related to new agriculture offset off-site that apply in the PRGWB, please choose one of the following:


  • New crop production on different site (receiving site) as crop being reduced or taken out of production (sending site)

  • New crop production on receiving site cannot exceed water demand of crop production from sending site

  • New crop production on receiving site may exceed acreage of crop production on sending site

  • Commodities of crop production to be replaced on sending site and proposed for receiving site must be declared

  • Receiving site cannot be within an area of severe decline

  • Landowner agreements

  • Deed restriction on sending and receiving sites

  • Site inspections

  • Well meter installation prior to final inspection

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