De Minimus Exemption

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For the purpose of new crop production overlying the PRGWB (excluding the Atascadero Sub-basin), as defined by Figure 30-1, sites that do not have any existing crop production and are not within the area of sever decline as show in Figure 30-2, may be eligible for a one-time only de minimus exemption.  The one-time only de minimus exemption is limited to the established of crop production representing a new total of no more than 5.0 acre-feet-per-year (AFY) per site.  If a one-time de minimus exemption is granted, the resulting crop production cannot be used as a source of Agricultural Offset Clearance credits in any future application.  

For more information on policies and fees related to the De Minimus Exemption that apply in the PRGWB, please choose one of the following:

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