Washer Rebate Program

The Washer Rebate Program offers monetary incentives for property owners in the PRGWB area who are seeking to remove their  high-water using clothes washer and replace it with an Energy Star certified clothes washer with an integrated water factor (IWF) of 3.2 or less.  Incentives are available to qualifying property owners on a first-come, first-served basis while funding is available.  More information on how to calculate the GPD savings between the old and new washers can be found within the Washer Rebate Program application. 


The following requirements must be met for program eligibility:   

  • The property receiving the washer rebate must be located within the PRGWB area;

  • The property receiving the washer rebate must not have previously at any point in time received a washer rebate from the County of San Luis Obispo; and

  • The property owner must submit a complete application and obtain confirmation from staff prior to construction starting.  

New Clothes Washer Standards: 

  • The old washer must be currently installed at the time of application. Washers installed prior to January 1, 2017 are ineligible for a rebate; 

  • A minimum of 15 gallons of water per day must be saved to qualify for a rebate.  A rebate amount of $250 may be issued based on completion and compliance of the program requirements; 

  • The new clothes washer must be Energy Star certified and consists of a IWF of 3.2 or less; and

  • A copy of the receipt and a “before and after” photograph of the old and newly installed washer shall be sent to the County of San Luis Obispo Planning and Building Department before a rebate may be issued.

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